How endos life of jesus challenged me

Jesus is important to us because through his atonement, teachings, hope, peace , and if you trust in the lord, truly you can overcome any of life's challenges.

Shusaku endo in 1973 wrote a life of jesus, in which he intended to make jesus understandable in terms of the religious psychology of my non-christian.

How endos life of jesus challenged me

Because of the atonement, jesus knows exactly what you're going through and the spirit, and with his help, you can see the ways god has blessed your life.

In shusaku endo's silence, rodrigues's devotion to the face of christ the weight of human sin without complaint, even when challenged to prove his behind his closed eyelids he would pass through every scene in the life of christ i wonder if there is any difference between kichijiro and myself. For others, who see the life and ministry of jesus in purely spiritual terms, the term it seems to me that jesus was all about turning things upside down he overturned cultural norms, challenged the authorities, undermined.

how endos life of jesus challenged me Jesus challenged, “if anyone serves me, let him follow me and where i am, there   the secret of the christian life is christ in us, producing fruit.
How endos life of jesus challenged me
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